• I need advice.
    My partner and I are both EU-citizen in the UK. All regularly registered to the pre-settle scheme, all taxpayers, etc.
    Currently, I am working remotely (University of Birmingham/NHS) and I can continue with my stuff but for my partner life has became quite hard. She was doing casual shifts at the hospital as a technician but unfortunately all their weekend/casual shifts have been cancelled because the department has been re-addressed for intensive care.
    Therefore, she no longer has a casual job (bank contract) and she is struggling as she was also studying in Cambridge and had to come back to Birmingham where we live.

    Would you mind suggesting me a reasonable approach to ease her life a bit?
    I am taking care of rent/bills/etc but it is quite hard surviving abroad with one salary only (we renting of course).

    Thank you in advance,


  • Unfortunately, due to the her EU status and the type of university training is doing, she was not allowed to apply for a grant.

    The only positive thing is the fact she left the university accommodation without having to pay for April/May/June rent due to the current situation.


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