• House move clearout, so they have to go. Make offers if you feel I am being greedy.
    Each pair is £35 posted or £30 if you are in London and want to collect from my porch in SW9.

    1. Shimano RT5 SPD Touring Shoes, size 11 / EU 46, as per link: https://www.tredz.co.uk/.Shimano-RT5-SPD­-Touring-Shoes_98838.htm. Been in use a few months. Nice waterproof and toasty shoes, I’ve used them in winter without overshoes. Cleats (not included) are recessed nicely, so you can walk on wooden floors in them. Very roomy toebox.

    2. Giro Rumble VR, also 11/46 size. Been in use a few months as a warm weather pair. Cleats are also nicely recessed. Come with SH56 multi-release cleats.

    Both very good condition, a few chain marks on the Giros, but pretty sure can be removed.

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