• Absolutely agree with you and @skydancer here. I was trained by Gill at CTUK and such a shame about what happened. It’s sad to see CC take over everything, eating the smaller providers (I still work for cc though).

    And yes, we are all workers. Just not recognised as such. The apprehension some instructors had in the past were misguided. You get to keep all the ’perks’ of self employment as pointed out in the thersa link above. It’s a straight 13% pay rise as you’ll get pro rata holiday, pension contribution and a few other things. But you’re still as flexible as you are now. No change, accepting and declining jobs as you already do. It’s easy to understand why companies choose to label us this way. When we’re out delivering private 1-1s to our own clients getting paid cash or hypothetically approaching schools, delivering training and charging them directly, that’s self employment. What we do is we have been incorporated into someone’s business to do a job. Under their command. Flying their flag. We are workers and as a union one of our first asks was to be recognised as such. It was voted by members and it’s now being pursued by the reps, including legal challenge in an employment tribunal if (and it probably will) it comes to that. The union have done it before and has ongoing cases on this specifically:


    I would definitely recommend you to join. If you’re a part timer there’s a part time fee also.

    Any questions I’m happy to answer to the best of my abilities :)


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