• HMRC/tax law recognises three types of employment status, self-employed, worker, and employed. Limb (b) Worker is the legal name for 'worker'. Assumed that was how CTUK viewed its instructors, when in operation. Anyway, yes it could work for instructors, however, not all instructors want worker status.

  • . Assumed that was how CTUK viewed its instructors

    CTUK instructors were 'employed' fully. BACS, Pension, sick and holiday pay. As a workers coop we called ourselves workers though.

    When CTUK offered these terms initially our mission was to professionalise the sector offering proper employment contracts.

    This was scuppered for the whole sector when other companies started gig economy freelance contracts to cut costs especially instructor development, training and mentoring costs to win contracts on lower costs to procurers.

    This led to CTUKs demise