• Thanks all, I hate to be playing the 'health worker' card - I just hope flagging my own problems might be a way to harness LFGSS for the time to come for key workers in worse situations or transitioning to bikes as TFL becomes a health risk, and have already pointed some NHS friends here

    I'm based in E14 Poplar and currently the same risk as general population or lower (no patient contact so far and distanced pre-lockdown) and to be honest I'm wary that my bike problems are the first world type - I just don't know if leaving them for 3-6 months would be a bad idea and as I don't have the time or expertise to diagnose them - so I'm aware that it's adding to my mental load

    Anyways 2 problems (can detail further as needed) -
    1) New mudguards contacting tyres and rattling/creaking despite seeming to have clearance
    2) Inconsistent shifting (reindexed recently) and jockey wheel ticking
    *Other healthcare students where I'm at have some simple punctures and rim brake issues if able to sort x

  • 1) What mudguards, frame, wheels and tyres do you have? While annoying, it’s unlikely to damage your bike if you can’t clearly ID a source of impact or rubbing. Worth checking out though, might save you £50 on new mudguards.
    2) It would be unusual for jockey wheels to tick or click. More likely it’s the chain catching the edge of the teeth on the cassette, which can also happen on the jockeys but it’s less common. If you’ve got shifting issues in one direction (shifting up or down), then I’d look at indexing again. If you’ve indexed it and it’s still causing problems, I’d look at derailleur/ hanger alignment. If the alignment is good, or you’ve got shifting issues in both directions, I’d check for a kinked or gritty cable/housing.

    If you’ve got a stand at home or somewhere that would hold the bike horizontally and allow you to spin the pedals and rear wheel, I can PM you my details and maybe I can give you diagnosis via video call/zoom/whatever.

  • Unfortunately never found out what the problems were - I had a mechanical failure with the cranks freezing and crashed at speed 2 days ago
    Thanks for your help, though the bike and myself are both too out of action to diagnose unfortunately


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