• I can. Look at the %'s

    Also begs the question, what's with the run (sorry) on toilet paper given gastro symptoms aren't really a feature?

  • My Mrs had it I think proper on her arse for 3 days you could have cooked eggs on her then just got up bright as a button.....me I think she passed it on I had fever and thighs that felt like I'd done 5 tour stages then aches all over that felt like I'd been dragged over cobbles....and then the shits...not just any old shits ...not marks and spencer shits these could only be described as the kind of shits that a black hole has on the other side

    You know the matter has gone in and it gets squeezed into a singularity ...the other side of that could only be described as my anus as the other side..a small big bang if you will but with doubled over wrenching

    I mocked the big roll borders but am thankfull we had taken advantage of the Costco 2 for one offer a few weeks ago

    Dunno if it was CV but

  • Dunno if it was CV

    That's the thing. At this point in time, everyone thinks anything is 'rona. Shit, last week I did a fuckload of pushups and was literally mocking myself for briefly thinking "shit, chest pains!"... immediately followed by "uhnaaah pushups, dumb fuck". It's just human nature to jump onto worst case scenario initially.


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