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  • Bear in mind that for 100€, all you get it this:

    You still need to buy all the profiles and angles

  • Right, I see now.
    Thanks for pointing this out!
    I'll then do more research on the jig designs if I ever decide to go with the kit.
    Having to source the extrusion separately it may as well make sense to build something else entirely.

  • Hi bed_bug, sorry for he late response. The kit I bought was exactly what @PhilDAS shared, although you get a print of the jig design as well, should you chose that one.
    I got the pieces because they seem to be fairly generic, many (most?) of the jigs use something similar.

    I've paused for a bit because of life, and also because of the reasons @wildwest and @Biggles567 and @Rik_Van_Looy outline. I'm going to be building with lugs, and from what I am understanding (please correct me if I am wrong), the jig is not supposed to hold the frame in alignment through the brazing process.

    This is a fundamental misunderstanding I had made - I have several jig designs on paper where I was looking to make sure the jig was fairly stiff and unlikely to deform.
    I now think that the purpose of the jig is to hold the tubes in place accurately, but without any real strength, because that may lead to twisting/misalignment stresses.

    For lugged frames, I am wondering whether I am better with a surface plate, a BB post and then to use the aluminium kit I got just to hold the tubes pretty loosely. That way I can check frame alignment with a dial gauge after each braze.


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