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  • Hey @scarlet, have you had the chance to use the jig already? What profile did you end up with?
    I'm in two minds about sourcing the materials by myself and machining the parts at the local artsy space, or skipping this step altogether and getting the complete jig to begin with, learning basic machining later on if the whole framebuilding thing takes off.
    When it comes to buying a jig, price is too steep most of the times for me, but 100€ is really hard to beat in that regard, but also a little suspicious :/
    I read through the instructable a couple of times and didn't notice anything fundamentally wrong, but I've no clue.
    Do you have any feedback regarding that one? I'm looking for something to get a feel for it really, moving on to a more legit jig if I find this one limiting after having brazed a few frames.
    Any input would be helpful, cheers!

  • Bear in mind that for 100€, all you get it this:

    You still need to buy all the profiles and angles

  • Right, I see now.
    Thanks for pointing this out!
    I'll then do more research on the jig designs if I ever decide to go with the kit.
    Having to source the extrusion separately it may as well make sense to build something else entirely.

  • I was totally unaware of these ideas2cycles jig parts. I was about to spend a load of time lathing stuff up. That's a bargain for what it is. (I'm a rubbish lathe operator). Just ordering now.


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