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  • Hey there,
    so I'm thinking about upgrading my "homestudio" setup to actually be able to record something.

    I'm using Reaper and am quite comfortable with that as a DAW but am lacking in the interface and monitor department.

    Because I'm a cheapskate and not at all professional I'm thinking about buying a focusrite 2i2 and a swissonic MM-3 Monitor set. Any experiences with these or recommendations around the same pricepoint?

    I'm mainly planning on using this for podcast recording, the odd 2-person podcast or so, and instrument shenanigans.


  • I'm curious to see what you end up doing. I think it's my shitty little U-Control UCA202 that's causing much of the noise in my setup. I don't really want to commit any money to this though when I'm just fucking about (synths are excluded, these are just cool to play with) but given I'm playing all this quite low to not piss off neighbours, when half the signal is noise it's a bit shithouse.


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