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  • my bike got stolen last july (it was an organised mass theft from the bike store in our block of flats) and i recently got a tip off about this seller on a hungarian site:­unt_list_id=22e6e17ce8f2e670513e5ed86cdc­fa3e&o=1

    anyone who has recently had a bike stolen in london might be worth having a look and seeing if yours is on here. i suspect the seller is still in london.

    edit: my bike is on this site and i've reported it to the police but i'm not sure they'll be able to do very much

  • Very interesting. Thanks for the heads-up. That kind of transport between countries has been talked about for some time. I heard it started for bicycles (has obviously been a thing with (expensive) cars and motorbikes for decades) in the mid-00s when some work was done on stolen bikes being shipped to other cities, and thieves adapted accordingly (but it may well have been going on for much longer, of course).

    Sadly not much hope of getting yours back, but you never know.

  • Interesting, know about mc going abroad, often Estonia/Lithuania/Latvia/Belarus kind of area, again these things could be investigated and a few people collared, they'll start back up again but it is possible to reduce this trafficking of stolen items, we live on an island after all.
    So many higher end MTB's are going missing from around central Scotland, and many never turn up again, even years later people still search and not much luck, suspect they are going over to the continent too.


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