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  • I have a couple of different starters and one isn’t as active as the other.

    First loaf I took 100g of the less active starter (it still bubbles away) and added 50g each of water and flour. Gave it about four hours and then I used that 200g in the loaf.

    2nd loaf I took 50g from each of my starters and added 50g each of flour and water. It had about 7 or 8 hours getting much more excited and bubbly.

    Everything else was identical

    640g mix of white and wholemeal
    6g diastatic malt
    495g of water
    11g salt

    Mixed flour, malt, 350g water and starter and left for approx 40 mins

    Dimpled surface and Sprinkled salt and water and folded it in, did this gradually to get salt and water incorporated. Then kneaded for approx ten minutes on a moistened counter and kept dipping fingers in water.

    Once it was starting to look less shaggy rolled into a ball and put back in the bowl and left a film of water over the surface of the dough.

    Stretch and folds every hour or so for 4 or 5 hours. Each time done with wet hands and a little more water left on the surface.

    By the end all the water had been incorporated and then did a pre shape, left for 30 mins. Final shape, rolled in malt flakes and bulk proved in fridge overnight.


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