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  • With no fixed date for the pushed back Olympics their training is somewhat irrelevant. There's no peaking for something if you don't know when it's happening. If it's skills based sports then, lucky you, you get more time to practice but if it's proper sport ;) you can't keep drilling yourself with no actual end goal in sight.

  • Plus, in my experience of them at least, sportspeople often aren't the brightest. So with less contact with their coaches, many will have forgotten how to wipe their arses nevermind how to arrange their bike rides.

    @ffm, I think you are as far from my point as you think I am from yours.

    You are absolutely right, noone needs to be doing full length training rides because all the races are all cancelled and there's nothing to be training for.

    There are a lot of cyclists though, like myself, who have never done a single training ride in our lives. People who ride because they enjoy it, because it de-stresses them, because it's time where you can forget about work and money and family problems or whatever you are struggling with and just think about turning the pedals and watching scenery going by. People who are quite likely having a harder time dealing with their issues and worries than they were a couple weeks ago and are therefor becoming more reliant on the coping mechanisms they have.


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