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  • Get a turbo or just don’t ride ffs

  • Get a turbo or just don’t ride ffs

    Get years of public health experience or don't tell people whether they can ride or not ffs

  • Megalol, health officials can’t even determine how long the virus can survive on surfaces or if it can stay airborne and you want me to give you a scientific reason why I suggest just to stay home?

  • How many years?
    I've got a couple. I wouldn't recommend riding a bike outside for more than two hours. tops. At my current bike fitness that would be up beddlestead, turn left, turn left again, home.

    I asked my 9 year old. She reckoned an hour to be out tops. She has no public health experience. Still fairly sensible advice.

    It's not just you binning it, it's you spreading it. (not you, personally, but people) And also the point about the drivers seeming distracted. FUCK doing the lanes right now with multiple delivery drivers winging it.

    Edit: ffs this thread moved fast.
    Also edit: I'm not being pissy with you!


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