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  • Why in countries where cycling is held with more regard have they already banned it?

    Bike riding is extremely low risk but at a time where the NHS is focusing every resource to this epidemic, why not make a small sacrifice?

  • The government guidance is very clear and guess what - it's put together by people who know better than you! If you want to take a stronger stance and never leave the house then bully for you but stop bending my ear about it.

    Pretty much.

    That said, if I was to engage in a fitness, or, heaven forbid, an actual leisure ride, I would try to disguise that aspect of it. Lycraing up might be seen as a bit tactless.

  • They very clearly say you ought to minimise time outside as well though.

    Fact of the matter is if people take the piss they're gonna ban it.

    People are too selfish for this kind of light touch personal responsibility rules. I reckon it'll be banned by the end of the week 🤷♂️


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