• Why in countries where cycling is held with more regard have they already banned it?

    Bike riding is extremely low risk but at a time where the NHS is focusing every resource to this epidemic, why not make a small sacrifice?

  • The government guidance is very clear and guess what - it's put together by people who know better than you! If you want to take a stronger stance and never leave the house then bully for you but stop bending my ear about it.

    Pretty much.

    That said, if I was to engage in a fitness, or, heaven forbid, an actual leisure ride, I would try to disguise that aspect of it. Lycraing up might be seen as a bit tactless.

  • I believe it was banned because people were going on monster rides rather than getting what would generally be considered 'exercise'. The trouble is for a cyclist an hour is barely worth getting changed for but for the rest of the population and hour on a bike is unthinkable.