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  • Get a turbo or just don’t ride ffs

  • Really? Many people won't be able to afford a turbo but already own a bike. As long as you follow the rules, cycling outside is perfectly safe and acceptable. It's even government sanctioned.

    In other news, remember that slightly broken turbo I got from you all those years ago in exchange for a bag of coffee? @Thrasher has it now, in exchange for some beers. Vive le forum!

  • Hey!! What a throwback! Good to know that turbo is still used...

    I’m just suggesting to stay home because of what we’re living here in the north of Italy, humans are selfish and as the curfew started the 9th of March, there was confusion regarding outdoor training, leaving population free to jog and ride.
    Suddenly everybody became an athlete and the streets were emptied of cars but crammed of “sporty” individuals.
    Police thanks to that found it difficult to enforce the restrictions nationwide.
    I’ve seen the effects in a low population density area and I can’t even imagine what would happen if you leave people going out in a place like London... it sends chills down my spine.
    Nonetheless the curfew was revised a few days later stating that outdoor activities were banned altogether apart from jogging within a 200m radius from home, resulting in people just stopping leaving their homes.

    Just remember, this is not a holiday and we are just asked to stay home, it’s really simple.


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