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  • Get a turbo or just don’t ride ffs

  • Really? Many people won't be able to afford a turbo but already own a bike. As long as you follow the rules, cycling outside is perfectly safe and acceptable. It's even government sanctioned.

    In other news, remember that slightly broken turbo I got from you all those years ago in exchange for a bag of coffee? @Thrasher has it now, in exchange for some beers. Vive le forum!

  • why? Getting an hour out on the bike during this period could be a sanity saver.
    Making plans with the missus to ride during our lunchbreaks.

  • I sold mine as I was about to leave the country.

    I am stuck in a house, a country and this fucked-up situation by myself.

    For my mental health I need to get out on a bike.

  • Get a turbo or just don’t ride ffs

    Get years of public health experience or don't tell people whether they can ride or not ffs

  • If you pay for my turbo, gladly.

  • Good luck getting one now.


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