• I'm likely to be a key worker in the weeks and months to come - currently a medical student but signed onto the volunteer roster to take pressure off colleagues in hospitals

    We won't receive any money for it and I've lost my zero hours income, whilst I still have time pressures of my degree's E-learning to keep up with - so as an amateur to bike maintenance I don't have the self-isolation time or toolage to DIY everything.

    There's similar people like me within my housing association (Poplar) and med school - wondering if LFGSS or anyone could safely offer some bike assistance - I'm wary about the state of my bike and how to get it sorted out before I become a high risk individual and occupational hazard!

  • Where are you based?
    Can you share pics of the bike and what your concerns are

  • I am mostly talking out of my ass, but Balfe's bike does a lot of volunteer bike surgery type thing for schools, no reason why they can't do this I guess.. but how safe do you think it might be if they were to set up a surgery type thing to help you and your fellows.

    I don't work for Balfe's and they don't have a presence on here but I have gotten to know they very well in the last couple of years...

  • If you can get to me in Streatham Hill I’m happy to help sort bikes for key workers, have a small amount of chains, cables, pads etc too. I’ll need to do it isolated in my garage at night though probably, but I can make it happen.


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