• Civil Contingencies Act 2004 aka State of Emergency because clearly stupid people are not heeding advice..

    Infections escalating at alarming rate

  • Infections escalating at alarming rate

    It is alarming but not surprising. We are 14 days behind Italy and on the same growth rate, and at least the next 7 days of infections and deaths are already done (based on 7 day time period to show and have impact, those who will be confirmed are likely already infected, same who those who will die)... if we don't change course dramatically in the next 7 days then the next 14 days will be accounted for too. If that holds, in 2 weeks then we'll be where Italy are today and will have ~500 deaths per day and that still climbing.

    Still not a reason to panic, each person should calmly do what can be done by them: Everyone who isn't a key worker should already be self-isolating at this point and taking it very seriously.

    I say that last bit watching a bunch of builders across the road enter a house for another day's work having arrived from multiple directions, each coming from a different house... and me imagining the way that this continues to transmit it as it's played out across the country.


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