• I walked my daughter to school this morning and the local physio crossfit style gym was still packed as well. Maybe they were doing their last workout before the restrictions kick in at noon, but it's the wrong thing to do all the same. Some people are fucking dumb!

    Tuesday they will shut down the interstate borders and require anyone entering to sign a declaration to self quarantine for 14 days, which they will follow up and check on.

    So far every transmission in SA has been travel or known case related, so no community transmission so far, but I don't think we're far away.

    Talking to my family in Germany, things are way worse. I even messaged back and forth with my dad, despite having been on non-speaking terms for a long time. He's close top 80 and his partner is two weeks from retirement, but works as theatre nurse, so right at the front line. It's pretty dire :(

  • The border shutdowns are great news, my outlaw's neighbours were on their way to WA in their grey nomad wagon but got turned back this morning... There isn't much fear around here, that'll change soon enough...

    Also just heard two close friends in London have been diagnosed, not a great morning... 😔


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