• Last is my latest purchase that got delivered to my parents today (so i cannot work on it as long as this virus is a thing): A black/gold CAAD 3 Saeco in immaculate condition/ 1st hand purchase

    before (sellers pic) and after rebuild

    Plan is to replace

    • stem (sameness quill thanks to @gertrudestein),
    • bars (Nitto M109AA),
    • SP (thomson inline from parts bin)
    • saddle (from parts bin; to be decided),
    • wheels (some low cost black spare
      ksyriums; maybe something carbon in the future)
    • bartape (surprise: black) and
    • chainrings (black rotors i took from my allez sprint)

    I will keep the gunmetal ultegra groupset so that it is not an all black build

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