• I have a few things I'm keen to get rid of as well.

    Free things

    1. Nice chunk DMR tanwall 26er tyres. I think they are for BMX? Bought them in a desire to be a trendy functional rider, now no longer have a trendy functional retro MTB. Mucky and a bit fadey
    2. Clement Xplor Ush tyres 700x35. Used for 1 tour and a bit of commuting. Very cheap on PX, even cheaper here
    3. Motorcross bars with free tape residue - again with the aspirational trendyness, wanted to build a klunker. Did not like said clunker. These are wide, with crazy amounts of rise. Can give you a cool GT BMX stem for 1 1/8th steerers as well. A very, very heavy combo

    Also have a rusty but lovely old Trek 990, modified by Sam at Stayer cycles, total FBNPAPAPA or whatever the acronym is, ideal for someone maybe 5"4-5"7 ish. Pics on request

    For almost free

    1. Some type of Kona - is it a lava dome? Thunder dome? Chunder dome? who knows. It has a stuck seatpost, a fair amount of rust, and that thing from the film Possession living in the bottom bracket. All for the competitive corona price of 15 quid.
    2. Colnago 26er forks. Excellent levels of steerer length. Cromo strength and weight. Nice detailing. 10 quid.

    Still commuting into work for at least the next week. Could potentially meet at S Gyle, Haymarket or Waverley. Will be bringing in a bike on Friday for someone, so could brings things up then. Will stand a respectable distance away, and toss things over underhand.

    Pics https://photos.app.goo.gl/HZWsE22xcAKBtv­Ni8


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