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  • Oasts and Coasts cancelled, all the cash gone to a hospice.

    Bryan Chapman has wishful thinking rescheduled to a date in July, which I don't see happening.

    London > Lands End > London cancelled, they've given the entries to charity too.

    At least a tiny bit of good coming from the endless cancellations.

  • you reckon BoB will go ahead? sort of assuming even if it does, my fitness won't really be up to it given the circumstances

  • I'm being super pessimistic and in my head thinking all organised fun on bikes is pretty much not happening this year.

    It's an arse as I felt pretty good about everything I'd lined up as well.

    I'm going to keep riding to burn off calories, no 'training' as such really. Will be well out of the mindset for a 1000km ride by September I think!


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