• Link for Lewisham to add to the list: https://lewisham.gov.uk/myservices/benef­its/housing-benefit/apply-for-housing-be­nefit

    Applied for Universal Credit as currently unemployed and looking for work, the virus of course made it that more difficult now. Not desperate for money just yet, but being cautious since facing all this uncertainty.
    Not sure why Jobseekers Allowance is still out there when UC covers JSA. But since UC is fairly new wanted to see how it works and where/if it fails.
    Online form is easy to complete. But you have to call to book a Jobcentre appointment - after 4 attempts and cumulative 4hr wait in the queue (1.5hr on the last call) finally got to speak to someone. The actual conversation only lasted 1min - check details, here is your date (in 2 weeks), bring xyz, potentially changing to phone interview because coronavirus, done.


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