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  • With all the missed travel, assuming the airlines/ferries still exist, I think I'll just move to Spain and do the missing ones.

    Recreational cycling is banned altogether in Spain!

  • Looking at the notification it seems that partly it is because of the risk of an accident and taking medical resources away from treating those impacted by virus outbreak. Doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable, although with fewer cars there’s less risk of an accident.

  • It shows a certain attitude to cycling - that it is seen as a sport rather than transport, hence an activity to be limited.

    And I think it is more about wanting to prevent a loophole in the lockdown restrictions which might make it harder to enforce them as a whole, rather than responding to actual risk.

    In contrast, the advice from the German and Dutch governments is that people should cycle.

    Also, the Italians, Spanish and French have not banned other activities such as home DIY, which has a much higher rate of injury than cycling, they have not reduced speed limits for motors, etc.


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