• I've been using both skype, teams and zoom for calls and video interviews and team chats and been WFH since Friday

    Zoom is in-built into teams but a separate app is also available.

    When I'm setting up video interviews (which have either been in the UK or also UK/Australia) I make sure the dial in numbers are available as Option B and issues with lag or bandwidth and video goes down.

    So far haven't had any issues. Anecdotally I heard skype is better in N hemisphere and zoom better globally

    Teams has the chat/messenger function that also has a tab that you can upload files too. Easier than emails in the sense all the conversations are there and you can go back through easier. You can have multiple projects created for each subject to keep things contained and more focussed.

    I've got a global team video call this morning via teams between 5 countries so will let you know how it goes


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