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  • I went out in hail and 60mph winds to do a 200k in January. I’m not going to restart it when AUK opens for business again. I’ll wait a month as I don’t want an asterisk by my first RRtY.

  • Yeah, there was some shitty weather for these. We've done Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar already so it's getting fucked over with 1/3 of it done. Maybe we'll just ride it as planned and I'll claim the medal for the one I did a few years ago and give it to her.

  • email from AUK chair tonight says

    For riders working towards the Randonneur Round the Year award, the "year" will be considered to be a consecutive 12 month period during which AUK Events could be ridden, so you will be able to pick up where you left off once Events are restarted. If you have already ridden your March 200km, this will be credited; if not, your "pause" point will be your February 200km and you will not be expected to have ridden a March 200km.

    So RRtY attempts are fine


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