• Been half a year now, figured I'd post some updates.

    Changed the saddle and stem on the Serotta, added some aliexpress lightweight bottle cages. An absolute joy to ride as always, but the 53/39 is misery. Think I'm gonna switch to a Columbus minimal fork and an inline carbon seatpost sometime next year, and hopefully switch to 50/34 chainrings sooner (which unfortunately requires a new crankset because campy bullshit).

    Finished up the Ritchey, but ran into some problems during the build. Couldn't find a front derailleur clamp narrow enough to fit the seat tube, so ended up going 1x instead. It's been my daily commuter for the last 6 months-ish, and as much as I love it, I won't be commuting by bike next year. Going to be selling it on in preparation for another incoming project.

    No changes with the CAADX, and gave the old specialized that I never took pics of to my mom.


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