• Love the saddle.

    Might be worth extending that front mudguard somehow (bit of plastic, or chopped other guard). I found the Restrap Rando Bag absorbed a lot of water from the bottom when riding in the rain. The Magnets are so cool though, make on/off such a breeze.

  • Oooh, good intel. Does the water make its way into the bag at all?

    I am so pleased with it. I got a swish new bike at the tail end of last year so this one has been somewhat abandoned since then. Feels nice to give it a new lease of life in this way, but I do need to make it a bit more theft-proof.

  • I've got the small version and definitely found water in the front pocket when I've been riding in heavy rain. I suspect it's water spraying off the front tyre and getting through the seams. I got a block of "Greenland" style wax, rubbed it all over the bag and seams, then melted it into the fabric with a heat gun. Definitely sheds water a lot better now, but I still put my stuff inside a plastic bag just to be safe.

  • Only when I’d been riding for a long time in the rain. I actually ended up just making a sort of cushion for the base from old waterproof trousers.

    Could also just give it a spray with some waterproof coating spray.


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