• To prop up the house of cards that is my bike #buying strategy I'll have a ~4 year old Boardman Team 29er in size M/18" up for sale as soon as I've reassembled it. It's not done many miles - unbelievably still on it's original brake pads and chain - but they probably need replacing soon. Bizarrely I never felt the need to change anything on it so everything is stock except the front thru-axle which I swapped for a Maxle Ultimate. Fork serviced last Jan at Pedals but it's only been used a handful of times since then...

    This one


    £300 maybe? I have no idea

    Edit: Forgot to mention fell over in my flat and has a dent in the top tube. But it's never caused any issues, to the point where (as you can see) I forgot it was there

    Edit: geo


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