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  • Reposting from the gravy biek thread soz.

    I have 38c g one all rounds on 24mm internal rims (GR531DB) and they measure about 43 and are too close to my chain stays (rubbing when out of saddle - no good for mud)

    I want some 700x35 (expecting they’ll measure a little bigger) tyres that will ride well on road and reasonably well off road, I’m not expecting miracles in mud but a good all rounder if possible. Have had gravel king SK before and found them grippy but delicate and a bit draggy on road, looking at terravail cannonball durable, anyone got a better suggestion for mixed surface tubeless tyres? (700x35)

    Any feedback on terravails welcome, seem to be a hype/well reviewed brand currently but never know what reviews are “sponsored” etc

  • I've been very impressed by the WTB Riddler which comes in a 35c flavour. I've got a 40c WTB Nano on the front, but I'm starting to think that may be overkill and I should just go for Riddlers F&R.

    Edit. They're 37c not 35. Still damn fine tyres, but may be too wide for you.


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