• Is your problem with the spindles you have that they are too short to allow clearance for the chainring against the chainstay? If so I can offer some possible solutions.

    1. Use a block spacing washer to bring the fixed cup slightly further to the right.

    2. file the side of the cotter pin to allow the crank to come slightly further out on the spindle.

    3. dent the chainstay with a cold chisel (sounds drastic, but was common - although not necessarily good - practice).

    4. If you have a right hand crank which is intended for a double chain ring, change it for one intended for a single. This will make the clearance for the front derailleur cage a bit tight, but it should be manageable, with care. It will create quite a bit more space.

    BTW: Long spindles are sometimes marked 'GCC' (gear case clearance). Shorter ones may be marked 'NGCC' (NonGCC).

    If you still need a long spindle, let me know - I might be able to find one. Using the techniques above I can usually manage with short spindles, which I believe make for more efficient pedalling and less knee ache.

  • No worries, sorry I couldn't help. What's it going on? Do you have cups and cranks picked out already?

  • @falconvitesse here you go...


    The second one in the pics looks better condition.