• I don't suppose anyone has a Baylis Wiley Spindle they could sell me, I need a size "14" or a Chapter lea equivalent which I think is a "1240/1".
    It has to be in good condition with little or no pitting.
    The last 3 I bought have been the wrong size, how hard can it be...?

  • I'll take a look for you buddy. Give me a couple of days :)

  • I thought I was going to be able to help, but the cones are quite pitted. You're welcome to it if you want it, I'll shout you the postage ...
    I've got a Phillips double axle you're welcome to - same measurements as the BW #14. According to Brown Brothers 1952:

     A 1 9/32"
     B 2 1/32"
     C 1 5/8"
  • Alas, I have one but it's the 12.

  • I've got 2 axles at 123 mm I think , but the condition is not perfect. Will they help, I can get them from the loft if you need....nNo BW 14 though, sadly.