• ha! might be 'fools rush in where angels fear to tread' but am keen to try it.

    the frame is fillet brazed so mostly worried about possibly fucking up existing joins-think clamping on some kind of heat-sink to the drop out/seat stay where the disc mount will be brazed on is necessary or recommended?

  • Assuming the frame is brazed using brass, your silver solder has a much lower melting point, so I wouldn't worry too much about damaging the fillets.

    It wouldn't hurt to order a second disk mount or just a price of steel plate and practice soldering it to something other than a bicycle frame. Just to get an idea of the type of heat you need to focus into the mount rather than the thin tube.

  • Just don't get anything yellow hot and your brass frame joints won't be affected. Silver will flow with just a dull red glow on the steel


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