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  • Hi all

    Rapha beige urban trousers 32”(W)/32”(L) used with some marks but life left in them £8 posted !!!!!SOLD!!!!!

    Rapha bark blue urban trousers 30”/32” used with a little wear on the knees and plenty of life left in them £8 posted !!!!!SOLD!!!!!

    Fred Perry Bradley Wiggins tan trousers 30”/32” used with some marks £8 posted !!!!!SOLD!!!!!

    Fred Perry Bradley Wiggins blue shorts 30” not used much and slightly sun bleached so a little discoloured £8 posted !!!!!SOLD!!!!!

    Rapha bark blue jeans 30”/32” i thinks and in great condition and hardly worn (twice) a bit tight for me £35 posted !!!!!SOLD!!!!!

    Rapha short sleeve black jersey size Large tried on once to tight, don’t do tight so NEW £38 posted !!!!!!SOLD!!!!!!

    Paul Smith 531 short sleeve jersey size Large, again NEW tried on once, i don’t do tight £43 posted !!!!!SOLD!!!!!

    Posted from Portsmouth


    If you feel the prices are way off then let me know but i thinks they’re at a good deal.

    I leave them on here for a week or so before i take them to a charity shop if not sold.

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