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  • It doesn't have to be Islay but since I quite like the Bunnahabhain I figured I'd stick around.

    I'm sure I've had a Highland Park and dismissed it but what I need is a text searching feature that could run across my photo collection looking for the photos of bottles I typically take. Or an untapped for whisky. Glendronach, know the name but not sure I've ever seen it out and don't recall ever buying it. It's not in my online order history at least.

    Might be time to do a dram box and test a few like I was doing with the mezcals.

    Bowmore again, know it but it's not stuck in my head one way or another. When I drink at home it's stuff I've bought so know well, but when I'm out I'll try new stuff but then forget what it was.

  • Glenfarclas might be another one to try if you like sherry and unpeated then. Easy to find as well


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