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  • I'm currently drinking peaty Benriach (Speyside) but think I prefer the less peated Islay stuff like Bunnahabhain. What else is out there?

    Wikipedia gives: "Bunnahabhain makes much lighter whiskies which are generally lightly peated. Bowmore, which started business in 1779, produces a whisky which is well balanced, using a medium-strong peating level (25 ppm) but also using sherry-cask maturation. The Kilchoman distillery started production in late 2005; in location it is unlike the other distilleries, which are all by the sea. The newest distillery is Ardnahoe, the island's ninth, which opened in 2019."

  • Less peated Islay or less peated specifically?

    Bruichladdich (Islay barley releases prob best) and the 100% Islay kilchoman are gonna be your safest bets for the former, and a pretty much any other whisky for the latter. Kilkerran 12 has been a strong favourite of mine for the last few years and the Cotswolds single malt is great. Ancnoc 12 is a nice easy drinking malt if you can find it for ~£25. Tried any highland park or glendronach?

  • It doesn't have to be Islay but since I quite like the Bunnahabhain I figured I'd stick around.

    I'm sure I've had a Highland Park and dismissed it but what I need is a text searching feature that could run across my photo collection looking for the photos of bottles I typically take. Or an untapped for whisky. Glendronach, know the name but not sure I've ever seen it out and don't recall ever buying it. It's not in my online order history at least.

    Might be time to do a dram box and test a few like I was doing with the mezcals.

    Bowmore again, know it but it's not stuck in my head one way or another. When I drink at home it's stuff I've bought so know well, but when I'm out I'll try new stuff but then forget what it was.


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