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  • What Islay to try next? Ardbeg Uigeadail or Lagavulin 16?

  • They're both bang in my wheelhouse. Lagavulin slightly more rounded for me. Still chocker block full of peat though.

    Some other delicious, heavy-hitting peaty whiskies that aren't silly expensive:
    Kilchoman Machir Bay
    Longrow Classic Peated
    Compass Box The Peat Monster

  • Oog and the 16 are both great, with the lag much easier to find behind the bar. As mentioned above longrow peated is a great peated whisky from outside Islay. Kilchoman machir bay is good, but I much prefer the 100% islay if you can find it. Malted, peated and kilned on site to a lower peating than the regular expressions which are made from port Ellen maltings sourced barley (like most Islay whiskies), and a lot more fruity.

  • Ardbeg Uigeadail or Lagavulin 16?

    Oogy is a big bacon frazzle heavy hitter. Cask strength, you'll know about it next day. Lovely.

    Lagavulin 16 has such a lovely honey finish after the peat, absolutely gorgeous. Probably my fave overall

    Get both!

  • I can recommend the Caol Isla, very enjoyable.


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