• Any of you oxy/propane brazers tried these multi-jet nozzles?

    I saw them mentioned on another forum, maybe STW(?) so I picked up a 3 and a 5 plus you need a new neck to screw them onto.

    Pretty impressed with them, they seem to pump a lot more heat into the workpiece and keep that heat more focused.

    Feel a bit closer to oxy/acet to work with.

    I felt the std nozzle was too slow heating things up so by the time I had the metal at wetting temp temp, I'd toasted my flux, Doesn't seem to happen so much with these mulit-jet tips.

    Flame seems a lot more stable, the propane lights easier and the flame doesn't pull away from the tip if I've got it on a bit too much like it would with the standard nozzle and I've not had the mulitjet tip extinguish by accident at all.


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