• So my NS Analog got stolen but by an amazing chance I managed to find it. Totally trashed...missing front wheel, smashed in back and generally battered. Bars bent and you can guess the rest. Kids had been chucking it around the pavement.

    Anyway the frame and forks seemed to have managed to survive with only minor scratching which is a surprise due to the severe damage to the components...components what where left. Quite a bit had been stripped off. It appears that the remaining parts somehow managed to protect the frame.

    Anyway I would like to rebuild the bike as I love the frame and I can't seem to pick one up cheap enough or near by so its the only way.

    My question is...is there any way I can check to see if the frame and forks are bent. Obviously I'm going to strip the paint so I will be able to see if the welds, etc., are okay but I can't really check if its bent. Doesn't look bent to the naked eye but it did take a beating and I want to be sure before I set to work rebuilding it.

    Its a tough old beast but I guess there's a chance its bent.

    Any advice would be dually welcome.

    Thanks in advance.


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