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  • Any recommendations in west London for vegan food? I’m staying a hotel by Heathrow airport and thinking about taking the tube into London for food.

  • Sorry, I didn't see this earlier. I don't really know vegan places in West London, but I was trying to look for that raw (I think) place somewhere around Notting Hill that got amazing reviews for a while. I can't seem to find it now; it may have closed. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

    The standard recommendation is usually 222 in North End Road, but I haven't been there so can't endorse it. There's Manna in Primrose Hill, which I haven't been to, either, but which also enjoys a great reputation.

    Camden is very good, with loads of places, as, of course, is Hackney, but that's probably too far East for you (although Hackney Central is easily reachable on the Overground).

    Hope you found something if you went!

  • If you're in Heathrow, you can just go to Southall and get amazing Indian food. Just need to check they don't use ghee - I find most Indian places have switched to vegetable oil, due to cost and fat content.


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