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  • Still in the old building then? Wonder if the architects remembered to include a spit pit in the new one?!

    Would you have had the new swimming pool? The old one was a bit rank. Always at least one buckshee elastoplast floating around in it. Remember there were some female PE teachers that liked to come into the boys changing room following swimming lessons. Also there was a game called 'swim the gauntlet' or some shit where the class all lined up along the edge of the pool (and maybe along the rope separating the lanes?) and you'd to take it in turns to swim as far as you could underwater while everyone kicked you as you swam past them.

    I started being able to miss PE in 5th year though as was doing an art n design higher and there was some unwritten/unspoken deal that the less athletic pupils could work on that kind of stuff instead. Of course the art dept weren't expecting you so it was just an excuse to bunk off, go to Harvies for cigs etc.

    There was Mr Dixon the maths teacher that had been a weight lifter or body builder or something. Remember him leaning out his classroom window on the 1st or 2nd floor during a fight between a white kid and a pakistani or indian kid and cheering on the white kid then the head came out a door on the ground floor and he quickly changed to telling them to break it up.

    I had to do some of one set of my exams down at St Ninians because someone set the gym hall on fire.

    I remember someone crashing their car into a tree just inside the school gates, drunk or high or something. Think the driver and/or passenger was pretty badly injured.

  • Haha Dickson, we superglued a coin to the floor in his class. He bent down to pick it up, couldn’t and went mental. Went into his cupboard and pulled all the shelves off the wall whilst screaming.

    That old swimming pool was horrible, I remember swimming past spiders and plasters in there. Got turned into a dance/drama theatre when I was in 6th year.

    Massive race problem in the school that was never addressed. I saw someone getting chopped in the head with a machete... crazy when you think back!

  • I saw someone getting chopped in the head with a machete... crazy when you think back!

    😬 those crazy school dayz


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