• See where you are coming from, but top end hubs are still cup and cone. Bearings can be fit and forget...and the hubs last longer...

    EDIT: New Brompton front wheels don't seem to come greased or adjusted correctly. As you warned me.

  • Shimano? Disagree. Most days I tell people they can’t replace the cone and unfortunately it’s a new hub aka a new wheel / build.

    Chris king? That’s not quite loose ball or sealed cartridge, but it’s sealed and serviceable. And yes these do have a worth lifespan etc but at an insane cost.

    Anyone else?

    Bromptons are also mostly commuters.. so less regular servicing and more regular non bike friendly miles - all weathers etc.

  • Campag, and believed Shimano. I don't have top end wheels, don't know the reason why they are cup and cone. Thought you could buy the cones separately, I can't remember last time I bought individual cones.

    Sealed bearings require no adjusting in hubs.


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