• Just to relate that I ended up buying a pair of Baofeng BF-T1 mini PMR radios (like these) and having had a chance to do some on-bike testing with the included headset I can confirm they are excellent and will certainly do the job. Can be had for less than a tenner each, too!

    For anyone looking to go down the same route, it's necessary to buy the programming cable (included in the link above) and you'll then need to use the included software (or Chirp, a third-party app) to upload the definitions for the 16 license-exempt "PMR446" channels to the unit(s). Once that's done you should be able to communicate with anyone using PMR446.

    Good luck!

  • Does the FM radio work?

    I always thought it'd be a good idea to have a (communication) radio that doubles up as an AM radio if you're camping somewhere remote. Once it goes dark there's not a lot to do

    Problem with FM is you won't get a signal if you're somewhere remote.

  • It does! I only tested briefly but was able to pick up Radio 1 inside my flat. If you're out of doors I reckon they'd be quite fine, deep valleys and whatnot excepted. The flashlight's actually quite passable too!


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