• Looks like I’m due a pasting on the Q1 from some badman drivist after I flipped him the bird. He stops in the middle of a junction to have it out with me, I keep riding. He must’ve swung a fast U cos next minute he hared down Willow Walk after me, tooting and yelling. He caught up with me just as I sailed through the bollards before Tower Bridge Road. He was out the car again trying to catch me! Yikes. Note to self: don’t upset the natives in Bermondsey.

  • dayum, i had a similar thing happen last year, when i gave some vanman the finger and he waited for me up the road and tried to door me

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  • Note to self: don’t upset the natives

    Had my first experience like this on camden road a few weeks ago. Shite wobbly driving and a close pass through a traffic island. Caught up with him, he's got two hands on his phone in his lap, not even looking forward as he crawls with the traffic. Shouted through the window for him to get off his phone and he tried ramming me into the bus stop, not letting me through on the left until I gave up and got on the pavement. Scary adrenaline not good.


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