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  • I am getting cold feet regarding the stroller seat solution. People keep contacting me with concerns and my wife is now worried.

    What concerns?

  • but you are Hulsroy, roll cage?

    Understand peoples concerns, its the scariest thing in the world, but I guess slow speeds on a cargo bike.. your dad instinct will drive you to protect, I would do it.

  • Safety.. Being crushed in side collision. Or issues being thrown forward when stopping hard

    Side impact is hard for any vehicle to deal with, as the passenger is so close to the side of the vehicle there is minimal crumple. The kid, being in the seat that I assume has wide bolsters will fare better than the rider. But, ultimately, you are going to come off a lot worse than if you were in a Hummer.

    Question is, how likely are you to be T-boned by an S80? Base your actions on that.

    I reckon a simple roll over-hoop would remove any fears that the bike could fall and then invert with kiddo being squashed - with a roll-over hoop they'd just hang from their seatbelt, upside down.


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