• I have gone from being the least civil civil servant to a contended cycling instructor and these days I specialise in training instructors and teaching maintenance.

    I was at a jump or be pushed moment in my old work and was lucky to work for CTUK where I was keen to take opportunities to develop and they let me do so. Now I work freelance but get to chose when I work and do loads of fun stuff. Recently all cycle training trainers had to undergo retraining and one of the companies I freelance for paid for my retraining. As an instructor trainer there have been other things come my way. Developing new training products, working on pilot schemes and a lot of mentoring and support work.

    Last year was a bit of a hiatus from training work, just doing little bits as I was project managing building work. Now the building work is almost wound up I set myself goals of days per month and income for the year. Plan was to gradually ramp up the work and had clear goals as to where I wanted to be by the middle of the year. After the first month I had already met my June target for monthly income and am working less days than I expected. Last week more options were offered to me and again I am being given more training to deliver additional products (one of which I did consultancy on during its development).

    TLDR I am amazingly lucky and have found sustainable income at a gentle rate. Doing work you love is worth a pay cut.