• Thanks for this, I've been at Brixton Cycles since the summer, initially only for 10 weeks but I'm still there and all thanks to ya!

    Did 5 years in the City, as a structured finance analyst then promoted to deal closing analyst. Decided I wanted some time off, why not give bike spannering a go and went for it.

    It was not all smooth sailing, was initially offered a place to start my own bike shop, the day I was supposed to take the keys, Mr. A told me Mr. B said the space has been given to someone else, rang Mr. B and apparently Mr. A said the space was given to someone else.

    Did some shifts at a few bike shops prior too, 2 ghosted me after less than a handful of shifts, the other was just pure toxic - racist, homophobic, misogynistic owners and yeah 'they can only afford to pay me £8.40/hour'.

    I'm loving it at BC, 8-6 is fine (done more than that before...), quirky and demanding clients (pretty used to screaming and swearing bankers, doesn't faze me at all), working with bikes is a dream come true!