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  • I have too many bikes and this one is just a little bit too big for me.

    Sell me the same thing in 52cm and I'll be your best friend.

    Caad7 Optimo Saeco for sale with a parts bin build - It arrived this way to me in the post last week.

    54cm frameset (some oxidisation near the dropouts)
    Shinano rs20 wheelset
    Dura ace front mech
    Dura ace left shifter
    105 right shifter
    Ultegra brakes
    Ultegra rear mech
    FSA stem
    Specialized carbon seatpost
    Shinano Spds

    I paid £300 for this delivered to my door.

    Lfgss price £275 SOLD

    No splitting at all - please buy the bike and sell all the bits you dont need.

    Collection from Hackney.

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