• Thanks for that full picture. I hadn't heard of Cycle Experience/TTC yet. It's worrying how employment standards are sliding. Good luck with the union.

  • That is a small corner of a much larger picture. I have an ongoing tribunal claim against Bikeworks(it predates my joining the union), if I didn't would be a huge rant here about my own experiences as an instructor and not just a couple of paragraphs of things others have experienced.

    I've joined to help others, I've experienced and seen enough to the point I can no longer brush it off as mistakes and accidents but very deliberate and disgusting workplace practices that are copied across all the training providers for profit. I'll do what I can to ensure it changes.

    I think the biggest fallout from this will be if a council decides to sue a training provider. I've seen similar before when a council contractor decided to use subcontractors and broke an agreement by doing so. If a provider has tendered and entered into a contract stating clearly that staff of that company would provide training then it comes out that they are using external contractors for training it could all get a bit crazy. Lots of councils are also making living wage pledges which the training providers can't prove they keep if instructors can subcontract.


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